Curved Radiators For Bay Windows Are Exemplary Choices – Here’s Why

Radiator technology has been growing by leaps and bounds in recent times and we have witnessed some remarkable and awe-inspiring innovations. Some stunning designs from the manufacturers have ensured that apart from being highly effective, radiators can be aesthetically complementary.

Bay windows are a common sight in UK homes, and have always been a challenge for furniture arrangement and radiator installations thanks to their irregular angles. With homes being built in rectangular and straight lines, bay windows as much as it adds beauty, can pose heating problems. All these can be made good, by installing curved radiators. Nevertheless, curved radiators make excellent choices thanks to the aesthetic value they add.

Keeping Your Bay Windows Heating Problems At Bay!

Better Furniture Placement
Space utility has always been the slogan for home improvement enthusiasts and hence, it is a tendency for people to arrange furniture linear along the walls, as it helps make the room look spacious. This becomes an issue when we have to install wall radiators. As much as it is a space saving option, installing wall radiators mean that is one side or portion of the wall you cannot arrange your furniture.

Hence, most often than not in rooms that feature bay windows, furniture has to be arranged facing the other side of the room, thereby the installation of the bay window loses its purpose. If the furniture is made to face the bay window, as it should, the radiators become less effective as the hot air is blocked out by the furniture placement. Installing curved radiators under the bay windows will do away all these issues. You can arrange your furniture to your comfort while not compromising on the bay window view and the warmth offered by the radiator.

Comfort & Temperature Control
The uncomfortable layer of cold air that comes from the bay windows won’t be heard anymore thanks to these curved radiators as they are placed right below the bay windows. Curved radiators snuggle up neatly under the bay windows beating the cold air that creeps inside through the window. Through the convection process, the warmer air is better circulated within the room, hence offering better warmth and increased energy efficiency.

Energy Efficiency
A repositioned radiator under the bay window creates a comfortable living space, and most importantly helps reduce your utility bills. With environmental concerns being the talk of the town, installing an energy efficient radiator can offer you the best choice.

Adding Style, Class & Elegance
Curves have always been associated with style, class and elegance and having a curvy radiator isn’t going to be any different. The curvaceous style and precision engineering of these models add beauty to any home while not denying the purpose for which it’s been installed. With a wide range of choices of colours, finishes and metals, curved radiators have become a feature rather than utility appliances. Interior style gurus, decorators and designers vouch for these artistic pieces that add value to your home.

Do not limit your comfort and enjoyment and never compromise on heating up your home. Installing curved radiators will give you the best of both worlds.

Steps Involved In Home Remodelling Project

Everyone would wish to live in an upgraded and updated house. Remodelling involves adding new space, including fancy amenities or renovating the entire floor. You have to do a lot of planning, research and thinking before commencing the task. Most people confuse where and how to start. Here sharing some advice that will help you to make things easy.

Know what is needed and wanted. You can take a paper and note down things that you need in your new house. If you want to improve or change, please mention with a detailed explantation. List down those areas of the house that need a compulsory remodel. It helps in planning your budget and finances. Once you have finalized the budget, you can leave out things that are not necessary for the time being. For example, you may wish to fix the latest bathtub in your bathroom, though there is a want of a new tub, you may not make that your top priority.

If you are not bothered about your budget, you can do changes as you wish. However, it is important to fix a budget since remodelling without a budget can eat up all your savings. Given below is a list of things you can do to ensure that all is well with your remodelling project.

#1 Plan a budget
How much you are willing to spend for your house? Are you going to use your savings or take a loan from a bank? Some people opt to use the limit of their credit cards for remodelling. Before starting to buy raw materials or hire contractors, you have to be sure about your budget. Some best sources of finance include second mortgage, home improvement loan, home equity loan, etc.

#2 Stick to your budget
Though it is a tough task, it is important to stick to your budget. If you are hiring a contractor, be very clear about your budget. It is best to start if they are okay to stick within it. Try to spend 80% of your budget. You can save 20% for invisible expenses. For example, a contractor may look at the roof size and suggest a different roofing model. It is a sudden expense which you would have not planned. There are numerous circumstances where changes in budget could happen. It is better to stay alert by spending 80% and saving the remaining. You can use your saved money for such sudden expenses.

#3 Checkout New Ideas
You have to develop a mental image of your house before contacting a contractor. You can use the internet, home magazines and other resources to get new ideas. There are several resources where you can spot latest remodelling trends. If you have visited a recently remodelled property, you can take a picture and even use it as a model. It helps the contractor to get a clear picture about your expectations. Nowadays, remodelling contractors provide catalogues, 3D models and more examples to cater to the needs of client.

#4 Time
If you have planned to sell your home, it is best to keep the expenses minimum. However, remodelling helps to increase your property value.

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