The Ceremony Of Mate Gourd

Ceremony Of Mate Gourd

Usage of a wooden mate gourd at a mate gourd ceremony in some parts of South America is a social event. At such events, the various participants of the ceremony drink the yerba mate tea in the same gourd. This ceremony is a symbol of peace and unity. As per, eating healthy food can have numerous constructive effects on the health of any person. The yerba mate tea can help you remain positive and upbeat for the entire day. In parts of South America where the yerba mate is indigenous, people drink it 2-3 times a day. It is pretty safe to say that the yerba mate beverage is a part of the culture of many countries in South America.

In many countries of South America, the mate gourd ceremony is a part of culture and tradition. The ceremony is carried out in steps. The various stages of the ceremony have different significance. The first and the obvious part is that preparation of the mate gourd. In some countries, the host has the sole responsibility of making the gourd along with the yerba mate beverage. In some other countries, the making of the gourd is a joint process. In these cultures, the hosts, as well as the guests, take part in the process of making of the beverage and the gourd.

But in most cases, the making of the gourd and the tea is up to the host. The host is also referred to as the mate server. The mate server sends out to his friends and relatives when he or she is about to host such a ceremony. The mate gourd ceremony is always a happy ceremony. It is symbolic of the feeling of camaraderie and fraternity between the people who are present at the mat gourd ceremony. A wooden mate gourd can lead to an improvement in the taste of the yerba mate beverage. The total quantity of the mate beverage prepared at such a ceremony is substantial.

The reason behind this is that when a person is given the mate gourd, then he or she has to finish off the entire beverage which is present in the gourd. At the gourd ceremony, all the attendees have to drink from the same gourd, but they do not have to drink the mate who has been left by any other person. This is also a part of the culture and tradition of people in these parts of the world. The method of preparing the yerba mate beverage to be consumed at the gourd ceremonies is also done in a manner that has been vogue for centuries.

If you too want to host such a ceremony, then you must learn the various steps involved in making the yerba mate. The taste of the yerba mate beverage at such ceremonies must also be similar to the heritage. Paying homage to this intangible heritage from some of the countries in South America can be a brilliant method to promote cultural exchange. Such practices must be encouraged because they can lead to an integration of cultures across the world.