The Student Success Story You Need Know

Tim Sykes class

The best way to motivate someone is to tell them a genuine success story of a person who was exactly like them. This feature is about a Tim Sykes Student Success tale to encourage and drive all those day traders who are disheartened. There is a light at the end of a long, dark tunnel. All you need is patience and constant effort. If you are looking for a good Review on the Tim Sykes’ Lessons, you can go here. Let’s dive into the world of Mason Fecht now, one of the most significant victory stories by Tim Sykes.

When Mason began to trade, he faced constant failure. For months he did not make any money and then one day out of the blue Mason messaged Sykes that he was about to reach a profit of 150,000 dollars – all in two short months. A few days later, and Sykes received another message from Mason. The profit line had now pushed even higher. Mason had reached the $200,000 threshold. So how did Mason turn out his luck? The story begins with trading in stocks and options. Because the risk management expertise of Mason was entirely nil, all his trading did was bleed money.

Wishing to change his luck, Mason joined the Trade Challenge by Tim Sykes. He did so after thoroughly studying eleven hours of material that is offered by Tim in Trader Checklist. The free material provides insight on the patterns that tend to repeat in the stock market. Anyone who has an exhaustive grasp of them increases, exponentially, the probability of turning a profit. When Mason joints the Challenge, he lost 50% of his money. Undeterred he added his scholarship money to the account. This got him above the 25K limit. He had sporadic success, but overall, he was still losing.

Disheartened and ready to quit, Mason took a last-ditch effort. He deliberately brought the balance of the account to 17K. Because Mason lost, he was motivated to study further. He doubled down and studied hard. He gained as much knowledge as was possible and creates a new goal. The aim was to cross the PDT limit in just three short months. The result was success. He not only crossed Rubicon but gained a lot of profit in turn.

What does Mason credit his success to? He says taking the time to study appropriately was the first step. The second was he waited for the trade to come to him and not vice versa. It was his patience and effort in learning the required knowledge that helped him achieve his milestone. Dedication and hard work are crucial to triumph. Believing that you will be the next millionaire trader is fine, but you need to put in the corresponding energy.

There is one more element that defined Mason’s triumph, and it was limited to a few strategies when you focus only on what you know inside out, the chances of success increase. If you don’t understand how shorting works, don’t trade in it. Pick a field you are master at.