Makeup Tips To Beautify And Take Care Of Your Eyes

Eyes are the most prominent and expressive part of your face. More than adding beauty to the overall appearance, it conveys your internal health and mental status also. Overexertion, tiredness or sleeplessness can result in tired or puffy eyes. Proper care of the eyes is one of the most important points of self-care. The site have a range of eye care products and cosmetics to beautify and give your eyes that much needed vibrant and joyful look. The link gives us an insight into some of the trending makeup tips.

Start With Following A Disciplined Lifestyle
Following a disciplined lifestyle, is the key to a healthier body, peaceful mind, enriched skin and overall better appearance. Try to incorporate the following points into your routine for eye care.
1. Try to sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours a day. If you wake up fresh after proper sleep, your eyes feel much rested, and you reduce chances of developing under dark eye circles.
2. Quit unhealthy habits like excessive smoking, addiction to alcohol or caffeine. Active or passive smoking causes irritation and redness of the eyes. Prolonged smoking dries up the moisture from the eyes and gives it a sickly look. Excessive intake of caffeine or alcohol interrupts your sleeping schedules which indirectly affect your eyes. Some direct indications of unhealthy habits are puffiness under the eyes.
3. Eating healthy food and drinking sufficient water is the natural way to enhance the health of eyes. Make sure you follow a regular intake of vegetables or fruits rich in vitamin C, A, and E . The benefits of drinking water are of course known to is considered as the key to a healthy and fit lifestyle.
4. Use of sunglasses to remove environmental toxins from the eyes. Direct contact to the sun may cause squinting problem and develops wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes giving it an aged look. Therefore, prefer to wear sunglasses whenever go out. With increasing pollution, there are many impurities in the air, which may affect your eyes adversely. Use eye drops to reduce any irritation, itching in the eyes in such situation.

Makeup Tips For Your Eyes
• Proper application of concealer underneath the eyes. Usually, we tend to form dark circles or puffiness under eye due to varied reasons. Quick tip to camouflage it through makes up is to apply concealer evenly and spreading it in such a way that it matches with your skin tone under eyes.
• Neatly apply the eyeliner. The trick here is, to apply eyeliner halfway to give an extended look. Choice of the right eyeshade and application techniques helps to make your eyes look bigger and beautiful. Choose variants of color shades ranging from light to dark. Apply light colors on the lid and brow line, medium colors to cover the eyelid evenly and darker shade around the lash line, to get that perfect look.
• Finish off the look with artificial eyelashes if your natural eyelashes are too small or thin. You can curl up your eyelashes to give an enlarged look to the eyes. Mascara adds thickness to the eyelashes to give your eyes a defined look.
Always ensure that you wash off the makeup and clean the face before going to bed at night. You can apply night creams and under eye, serum to soothe the eyes.