Tips To Shave Perfectly


The activity of shaving is an art for most of us, especially men. Though it is considered to be a cumbersome daily routine, a perfect shaving gives men a real boost to start the day. The art of shaving and trimming has become a fashion with the advent of so many gadgets that are exclusively designed for men. According to Shaver Info For Men changing over to a manual razor or electric shaver might take few days for the skin to adjust to the different technique of shaving. As per the website, such a shift is very similar to our hairline and hence takes a little time.

Tips For A Perfect Shave
A perfect and smooth shave can be achieved only if the shaving process undergoes the right steps. For the benefit of the readers and the concerned individuals some of the key steps are discussed below:

· Ensure to keep the electric shaver fully charged and just test it for a while.
· According to experts, one has to shave before washing the face, since skin gets swollen after washing with water. This is very true while using the electric shavers. However, the opposite is true when shaving with a manual razor.
· If shaving is done after a reasonable gap of few days, first trim your stubble beard before starting the shave with the shaver. This is to avoid giving an additional load to your small shaver.
· Now start using the shaver by stretching your skin with your free hand before shaving the critical areas on your face. Such an action will ensure a smooth glide across your skin.
· Always hold the shaver at 90 degrees to your skin surface and try to shave against the direction of the hair growth. Do not shave in the same area for a longer time otherwise, you will have to face the irritation.
· With an electric shaver, there is no need to use pressure as in the manual razor A mild and even pressure will ensure the best possible shave.
· Clean your shaver after your use and follow the instruction as recommended by the supplier.

Shaver Maintenance
Most of the branded shavers come with cleaning devices and such cleaning is done by pushing the clean button. Such a cleaning is considered to be hygienic as the shaver cleans, dries and recharges automatically. One can also do manual cleaning with a running hot water with a standard liquid soap. Dropping little oil in the cutter block can enhance the maintenance and this is not to be frequently done. Users can even use the brush that comes along with the product and one should not clean the clutter foil with the brush.

After such cleaning just switch on the shaver for a while. Some manufacturers recommend using the spray to remove the sebum. The soaked residues can be eliminated easily. It is generally recommended to replace the cutting parts once in fifteen months as they have their own wear and tear. Always use the original parts while replacing them with the old ones.

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